CapLinked FileProtect

CapLinked launches a new security feature ‘FileProtect’ to its virtual dataroom which can revoke access to documents shared with outside parties, even after they have been downloaded.

The goal of the new FileProtect security feature is to extend document controls (Document Rights Management or DRM) beyond the boundaries of the virtual dataroom.

Within the secure environment of the virtual data room, user access is already limited and user rights can be assigned on specific documents or folders. these rights can include preventing the usert to open, copy, print or download a file. And when users do have these rights, they can be revoked at any time for instance when their involvement in a transaction ends.

caplinked security feature

However when users can download a document, in principle there are no limits to what they can do with it (technically). And despite legal protection, probably in the form of a confidentiality agreement, technical assurances are sometimes desired to control access even after the document has been downloaded. FileProtect enables just this, it is a way to revoke access and  block opening, copying, and printing of Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files even after they have been downloaded. This can be when the transaction ends or when a pre-set deadline passes.

The best of all for us at Dataroom Review is that FileProtect works without plugins that have to be installed on the end-user computer. We’ve never been a fan of plugins as these are notoriously difficult to install in managed IT environments (such as those of law firms, accountants, banks and many consultancies). By adding post-download DRM to documents without requiring local plugins, CapLinked reaffirms its intention to innovate and offer plugin-free security, and earns our appreciation for doing so.

CapLinked’s FileProtect delivers powerful protection with ease-of-use. Security doesn’t have to come at the expense of the user experience.

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