The development of new technologies rarely happens by an individual. People band together to create a new solution, to inspire hope for the future. One such example is the quick development of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Research and development today 

Facing a worldwide pandemic, scientists from all over the world joined forces to fight one common threat. Utilizing never before used techniques in the development of the vaccine and combining the known with the unknown, they were able to create a weapon to help combat the virus. 

Another great example of people uniting and creating something potentially world-changing can be seen at Tesla. Building a fully electric and autonomous car has been deemed impossible by many, but the developers turned those unachievable ideas into tangible results.

Developers uniting to achieve great things is one of the components of a successful research and development project. Scientists need to be able to keep track, access, and alter complex data connected to their goals. What is the best solution for that?

data room for r&d

Virtual data rooms and R&D

As new solutions to problems may require a complex approach, an accessible and secure space for the files is a must-have. A virtual data room can provide the R&D team with a variety of tools that will help to accomplish their development goals.

Cooperation with safety in mind 

Only people with special permission settings can access the documents stored in a virtual data room. Additionally, the administrator of the virtual data room can grant the user printing permission. 

The sensitive documents can be obscured from within the virtual data room, so other users can only see the parts that pertain to their particular project. This helps in avoiding data breaches via human error.

And if there is a need to cooperate with someone from across the globe, you can also invite them to your virtual data room. With a common goal in mind, and the ability to comment on documents, you can optimize the workflow of a project.

Structure and organization 

The virtual data room has been created with cooperation and informational security in mind, but without organization, project completion could be more difficult. Those online storage solutions provide their users with tools that help establish a data structure. 

Through a variety of indexing options, templates, and search possibilities, documents uploaded to a data room become easier to locate. Setting up a folder structure might take some time, but it is less troublesome, thanks to the available templates. 

A virtual data room can also organize your files for you via file format recognition. This is one out of the many ways a data room can help with maintaining a clear data structure in your projects.

Encryption and security 

We have covered the cooperative and the organizational aspect, but there is still much to say about how much informational defense a virtual data room provides. The creators of this software solution take special care when it comes to secure data storage. 

They know that people using their products are professionals and developers that could change the world. Files stored in their data rooms could help develop the world and cause major damage if handled by the wrong people. 

This is why file encryption and special security protocols are such a big deal for providers. Only the people who were allowed to see the documents can access them, and every possible security feature is put in place to make sure of that.

Research and development simplified

Through the use of a virtual data room, the work of a research and development team can be simplified. Features like bulk download and print, searching through documents via a phrase, or crosslinking capabilities, the research team can make breakthroughs much quicker. 

Document scrolling, video and audio access, and a way to professionally present the files in the space are all tools that the team has at their disposal. It is a perfect addition to their day-to-day work and a workflow enhancement. 

We owe a lot to the research and development teams worldwide. Many amenities wouldn’t exist without the work of those gifted individuals that agreed to cooperate for the greater good. 

Virtual data rooms were created to make file storage more secure and easier. Data rooms are a great tool that can help maintain important data of the R&D team and help them cooperate on an even more synchronized level.

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