No product can remain efficient and competitive without constant updates — and virtual data rooms are no exception. In this blog post, we’ll overview the latest news from iDeals, a leading virtual data room provider. The company introduced two major updates this summer. Let’s learn about them now.

iDeals virtual data room updates

First: View as function introduction

View as has an important job to do: It lets you verify who can see what.

It’s so important that Facebook – which axed the function in 2018 after security issues – brought it back a year later.

It’s not a security issue in iDeals virtual data room: It is a security strength.

In iDeals virtual data room administrators can check what documents are available to which specific user group in a few easy steps. To test out the feature, just do the following:

  1. Click the View as function. 
  2. Select the user group you want to check on (you can filter according to various parameters).
  3. Browse through the resulting list to check what level of permission has been assigned to folders and files.

You can also export the project index and folder contents available to the user group you are checking out.

For more information about View as, please visit the Help Center.

Second: All new help section

Completely redesigned in the past month, iDeals’ help window is a one stop help shop. One window, one click, one result: instant assistance. Here’s how it works:

  • Search and open knowledge base articles right from your data room – no more getting lost down the rabbit hole.
  • Watch recommended videos without having to leave your help window – no need to open multiple windows and clutter up your browser.
  • From the same window, select how you want to receive your support: by chat, email, or phone – whatever you prefer.

Every list of the best virtual data room providers ranks support as a vital function: Yours support starts in an intuitive help section.

Get it at iDeals.

More updates coming soon.

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