2021 M&A Deals Overview and 2022 Outlook

Despite all odds, 2021 came down in the history of M&A as record-breaking. Global deal-handlers collectively brought the market worth beyond the $5.5 trillion mark, outperforming the previous record of $4.2 trillion in 2015. And according to experts, …

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Dealroom news

Benefits of Using M&A Playbooks

The worldwide business community regards M&As as a strategic development step. Yet, on average, about 80% of deals fail, according to a study by the Harvard Business Review. What is wrong? Perhaps some teams ignore the concept of …

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Data Room News

IPO Trends in the USA Today

Going public is a turning point for companies. They use an Initial Public Offering to attract investment and acquire new positions on the market. There was an IPO boom in the US in 2020. Basically, the boom is …

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Box News

How to Use Box for Healthcare

Healthcare workers value every second of their time. Indeed, a delay in medical care puts human life on the line.  What are organizations doing to become faster, better, and stronger? For this, they use advanced medical data storage. …

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Investment news

Risk Management in Asset Management

Through daily operations, companies accumulate assets and manage liabilities—it’s inevitable, especially for well-established businesses. Risk factors need to be managed properly for a business to thrive. Though risk and asset management are at opposite sides of the spectrum, …

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