iDeals security features: is it the safest data room ever?

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Virtual data rooms made document management and exchange much easier. But the simplification of processes is not the only concern. The main thing businesses should take care of is security because data leaks cost a lot of money and effort. Moreover, they might make a company lose the trust of customers. So, can the iDeals data room prevent these predicaments?

The safety of the storage

iDeals virtual data room is secured with the most reliable 256-bit AES encryption. Additionally, the data transfer ways are protected with TLS protocol. Therefore, hackers have no chance to intercept the documents as you upload, share, and download them.

This provider is compliant with all the regulations that protect users online and has ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and SOC certificates. Thus, you can be sure that your files are safe, and should something happen, there always be someone responsible.

Eliminating the human mistake

No matter how well the storage is protected, there is still a chance of a data leak. The issue is that most leakages happen due to a human mistake — a user accidentally or intentionally discloses the login data thus allowing malefactors to enter the storage. That’s why a truly secure virtual data room must offer features that can protect a business from a human mistake.

iDeals provides customers with a whole array of security tools. First of all, there is a multi-factor authentication that won’t leave hackers a chance even if they know login details. Also, businesses can protect their documents with watermarks and a Fence View mode — the latter will cover most of the file to protect it from prying eyes. Granular permissions allow owners of this secure data room to control who can access the storage and work with files. Later, the activity of users is easy to monitor through the reports tool.

Finally, the remote wipe function will let you erase all the data from a stolen or lost device. And the remote shared tool will allow you to set the expiration date even for downloaded documents. With all these features and impeccable protection iDeals offer, you can be sure your corporate data is always safe. recommends Top VDR providers
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