Bankruptcy and restructuring with iDeals data room

Bankruptcy and restructuring are one of the most complex legal processes. During bankruptcy individuals or businesses declare that they’re unable to pay their debts. At the end of this process, they’re freed from all the debts. And during restructuring, an organization is applying significant changes to the structure or operations of a company, or debt to limit the financial harm.

ideals bankruptcy feature

It’s vital to use a data room during these processes as a lot of documents and participants are involved. This service allows protecting the information while making it easily accessible to authorized users. Unfortunately, not all data room providers made their products suitable for these activities.

But we can always rely on iDeals — this data room provider improved its service to make it suitable for complex legal processes. So now businesses can use iDeals VDR for bankruptcy and restructuring.

With iDeals it’s easy to upload and manage all the documents — use a Drag & Drop feature to import files and get them synchronized thanks to iDeals Sync feature. Also, you have full control over who can view and work with certain files. And you can add more protection with personally-identifiable watermarks.

Moreover, iDeals makes it simple to manage participants by adding and removing them, managing levels of access, and organizing users into groups for easier control. The collaboration process also gets simpler thanks to a Q&A section where creditors and debtors can get answers. And businesses will get the advantage of reports that can provide company owners with useful insights on how to improve the strategy.

If at any point you encounter some difficulties, the support team of iDeals is available 24/7 with no days off. The response time is no longer than 15 minutes, specialists can speak 12 languages and are competent enough to help you without transferring you to other managers. Finally, you don’t need any technical knowledge or experience to work with iDeals data rooms.

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