Docsend document sharing platform

Docsend document sharing platform

Docsend review

Did you know that over 25,000 companies choose Docsend as their data room provider? The San Francisco-based company has experienced a surge in user levels recently, primarily due to joining forces with Dropbox. But, what is Docsend and how does it rate as a virtual data room provider?

We have researched the pros and cons of using the Docsend platform for sharing your data and sending out pitch decks.

Docsend and Dropbox integration

Previously, users had to choose between excellent document collaboration through using Dropbox, or excellent security through using Docsend. By integrating their services, users can achieve both superior features, moving files across programs for no additional cost to the user.

Offering game-changing analytics, the dashboard can track who has accessed the files and when. Such tracking support is much sought after across the industry, offering greater analytics than some other platforms.

A user receives files through one link, recognizing the Docsend logo and therefore trusting the page. The user will then go through additional security steps such as two-step verification and inputting a password. The link will come with an expiration date when it will expire and can no longer be used, which significantly increases data security.

Providing the perfect integration with Dropbox, Docsend users can access a reliable tool to share business-critical documents.

Docsend features

Docsend offers users a secure document-sharing platform. This firstly enables companies to share business-critical documents inside of a virtual data room. A Docsend workspace is created, allowing the user to invite others to securely share documents. This feature can be accessed through a single link to access Spaces, their virtual deal room for pitch decks. 

Docsend also acts as a personal space where the user can upload and store multiple documents. This can be used for personal or business use, allowing you to share multiple documents. Docsend’s security features are perfect for sensitive documents, allowing real-time control to manage your information.

Docsend offers additional features that will keep the user interested.

Easy upload

Docsend allows easy upload of documents. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to upload your documents of choice. You can upload documents from your computer or from another source, organizing your information as you go.

Document sharing

Docsend utilizes document sharing to provide secure viewing. You can send trackable versions and add security features such as email verification to your documents. You can be confident that your information is safe and secure and only available to your company.


A further feature to keep users interested is watermarking, adding further protection for your files. Your content is automatically protected once a watermark is created, filling you with confidence in using Docsend.


Despite the rise of technology, signatures are still required in business for contractual purposes. Docsend allows you to create e-signatures quickly and easily, enabling you to sign accurately with such tools.

Granular permissions

Security features of Docsend go further to allow you to provide granular permissions, granting levels of access to different users. You can restrict system features as you wish depending on your requirements and user profiles.

Interface customization

Interface customization allows you to customize your own user experience, adapting preferences to tailor to your own needs. 

Is Docsend better than iDeals?

Is Docsend better than iDeals? Our research suggests not! iDeals offers users a simpler set-up, creating a virtual data room almost instantaneously. Docsend has improved its services through Dropbox integration to allow businesses and individuals to connect in a better way. However, the setup still remains quite complicated for novice users. 

iDeals offer users a great onboarding set up to explain their virtual data room capabilities in full. This ensures no user is left in the dark as they can refer back. the onboarding setup when necessary.

iDeals provides users with instant notifications, a key feature that users love, limiting how much time they spend on a browser. What really enables iDeals to stand out from the crowd, however, is the support that users can access 24/7. 

Including weekends and holiday periods, iDeals support is there for users to answer any issues they may have. They understand the need for firms, partners, and investors to be able to access files at any time of the day or the night.

A great feature of Docsend which trumps iDeals, however, is the feature updates and the direction of Docsend. It really feels as though Docsend is heading down the right path and may one day become a significant leader in virtual data rooms. However, there will always be some users loyal to the Dropbox set up and who will use Docsend for this reason.


What is a virtual data room used for?

Sometimes known as a deal room, a virtual data room is a platform where companies can upload files and aid in secure document sharing. These sites are secure and can be accessed by link or invitation, tailoring the access in the way that you want. Virtual data rooms can be set up within minutes and can aid collaboration globally.

What is a virtual data room provider?

Quite simply, a virtual data room provider enables companies and firms to exchange files and information. Providers enable document collaboration and tracking, watermarking and signing, enabling parties to sign important documents from anywhere in the world. 

Deals between companies are quicker and offer conscientious working practices for firms. You have control of the information you have placed inside of the virtual data room. This allows you to track usage and receive instant notifications of activity.

Are data rooms secure?

All providers of virtual data rooms provide a guarantee that your online storage is safe and secure. They provide a guarantee that no unauthorized personnel can access or alter your data. A key feature to look for when choosing a virtual data room is to ensure that the provider has ISO27081 certification. This ensures the highest level of cloud security for your data.

In addition, all providers should enable backup systems to safeguard your data, along with two-step verification, watermarking, and 256-bit AES data encryption.

Want more information about virtual data rooms?

We review data room providers so you don’t have to! Here, you can find the virtual data room to meet your needs and the requirements of your firm.

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    DocSend’s virtual data room has been key to sharing critical documents internally with colleagues and externally with clients. The ability to organize files, share with a secure link, and get analytics on file engagement has helped us close more deals and keep customers informed.

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