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onehub and microsoft integration for file sharing
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Onehub is passionate about making file sharing and workplace collaboration quick and easy. Over the past year, they have been working alongside Microsoft to integrate Office Online into the Onehub platform. This will help teams collaborate more efficiently. Thanks to this integration, you can share, edit, create, and store your files while keeping sensitive information safe and secure.

Onehub in a nutshell

For those who are unfamiliar, Onehub is a platform that provides secure file-sharing solutions for businesses. With 1 million users currently taking advantage of Onehub’s features, the platform is becoming a trusted way to meet your file-sharing, virtual data room, and client-portal needs.

How does Onehub Microsoft Office sharing help you?

You can now create new files in Microsoft Office directly through Onehub. All changes made to these files are immediately saved to Onehub. This eliminates the need for endless emails. You also remove the risk of working on old files. This integration ensures your entire team is on the same page no matter the task.

Microsoft Office integration allows you to co-author files in real-time. You can work on the same files, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations alongside another team member simultaneously. You can also see who is working on the file with you, comment on changes, and make edits whenever necessary. Thanks to Onehub’s security features, you maintain complete control over who can edit or view your files.

You should be aware that these features do not let you sync documents from one platform to the other, and an active Microsoft Office 365 subscription is also required. Microsoft Office integration is also unavailable when the Custom Domain and White Label features are turned on.

How to use Microsoft Office with Onehub

To start, you need Creator permissions or higher.

  1. To open a new document, simply click the Create button and select your document type. 
  2. You will then need to fill in a file name before being taken to the Office Online editor.

Editing files is also extremely straightforward:

  1. Simply click the More button (“…”)
  2. Then, select Edit

You can also do this from the file preview page.

This Microsoft Office integration lets you download and print documents whenever necessary. 

You can also access Microsoft Office via Onehub on your desktop, laptop, cell phone, or tablet. You’ll be able to access all files with ease from wherever you are.

If this is your first time using the Onehub-Microsoft Office collaboration, you may have to sign in to your Microsoft Office account to use all of the aforementioned features.

Will your files be safe?

Data security should be high on the list of priorities for any business. Luckily, Onehub has you covered. The platform encrypts sensitive data. It also provides HTTPS for all pages. If there are any security breaches, you will receive an alert. Multifactor authentication features are also available.

Rest assured: you are completely secure when sharing Microsoft Office files across this platform.

However, if you need to disable Office Online features, you can do so with ease: 

  1. If you are an Account Administrator, simply find the Account tab and select Security
  2. From there, check the box next to Disable Office Online Integration and select Save Changes.

Supported file types

Currently, these Microsoft Office sharing features support the following file types:

  • Word (DOCX)
  • Excel (XLSX)
  • PowerPoint (PPTP)

Office Online integration does not support DOC, PPT, and XLS file types, but these can be edited via Google Drive integration.

If you would like to find out more about Onehub and Google Drive collaboration, you can do so here.

Conversely, if you’d like to learn more about Microsoft file sharing, you can browse these Microsoft Online support articles.

File-sharing made easy

Whatever your reason for accessing Onehub’s Microsoft Office integration, a world of simple collaboration and extensive features awaits you. Enjoy file-sharing tools for all your business requirements.

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