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Healthcare workers value every second of their time. Indeed, a delay in medical care puts human life on the line. 

What are organizations doing to become faster, better, and stronger? For this, they use advanced medical data storage. Next, we present an overview of Box as one of the health care HIPAA compliant providers.

What benefits does Box for healthcare offer?

Enterprises in this industry allocate significant resources to the provision of information technology and protection from hacking. Box, in turn, eliminates the red tape in working with data and various types of collaboration. Here’s how:

  • HIPAA compliance. Healthcare mobility along with data security is possible with HIPAA compliance. In this way, doctors can access patient records from anywhere without being exposed to risk. Also, Box is no stranger to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device policy), making it easy for everyone to use the storage.
  • Secure storage of sensitive information. Storing medical protocols and patient education materials in one place facilitates the exchange of experiences. Clinical staff share recommendations and practices on a platform available to colleagues in their offices or at home.
  • Smooth collaboration within the platform. The Box healthcare platform is a collaboration not only within the organization. That is where the administration can send data to quality control, state agencies, or any other organization. The same goes for scientific research requiring secure and convenient communication with third parties no matter what firewall they are in.

To summarize, we can argue that cloud storage for medical records affects the productivity of teams. Under Box reliability and sufficient level of security, organizations are resilient to risk, buying time for more important tasks.

What is Box HIPAA compliance?

HIPAA compliance is all about following stringent guidelines to guard patient information. HIPAA rules apply not only to medical and insurance institutions but also to their business partners.

The Box team regularly updates policies and products to meet the requirements. Moreover, the company enters into a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with those who want to put PHI in the cloud.

Here are some features that prove the cloud storage in healthcare meets legal standards:

  • Data encryption at rest and in transit. This is an additional layer of protection. The provider watches over both the content stored in the cloud and the information users exchange. This option prevents physical theft, harmful effects of malware, and human error.
  • Activity tracking log. Administrators monitor and control user actions on the platform down to a single file. They have access to reports indicating actions and performers. This helps in the management and detection of illegal activities.
  • Control of user access to the database. Each member of an organization or group of individuals has specific responsibilities. Therefore, they have access to and work only with relevant data.
  • Employee safety education. Familiarizing a team with potential risks and threats reduces the likelihood of harmful consequences. Thus, healthcare workers are knowledgeable and accountable for their actions.

What health officials say about Box

Here are a couple of testimonials from health officials from Providence Anesthesiology Associates (North Carolina, Charlotte). They are clients of the platform and share their experience of implementing an online tool.

  • Dr. Samuel C Sayson, VP of Operations and MD, PAA:
    “Some of the things we were looking for was simplicity and something that we could use on our smartphones or iPads. And that is what Box does. Thanks to Box, we can put a lot more information about our patients in our patient summaries. The more information we have for our patients, the better we can provide the best care.”

Joseph Paul Ducey, VP of Business Development, PAA:
“Without having a platform that allows you to organize and maintain the information, you can’t grow. Box has changed my day-to-day function as a physician by giving me instant access to the most current information to help take care of my patients. That is the power of growth. That is the power of Box as a partner.” recommends Top VDR providers
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