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Due to the high competition and specific conditions today, companies are trying to find ways to stay afloat. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a worldwide crisis. As a result, many directors gave up and went out of business. The use of modern IT products reduces the number of victims of challenging times. The tools on the current market offer solutions to make possible the following things:

  • data and staff management;
  • ensuring bank-grade protection;
  • high-quality remote work and collaboration.

What could be better than office software? Experience has shown that integrations are even more beneficial.

Box and Adobe teaming up to empower

The ecosystem includes over 1,500 apps. Thus, users get the maximum number of instruments on one platform without downloads and plugins.

In 2016, Box began a partnership with Adobe. Since that time, dealing with the PDF format has become faster and smoother. Later, another option appeared – Sign. Sending documents for signature and receiving them back is now available online. The necessity of meetings arranged to this end is gradually disappearing.

What else do you get?

  • Viewing documents with Acrobat. There is also a search function
  • Ability to create PDF files with no changes in fonts and formatting
  • Exporting to Excel, Microsoft Word, RTF without damaging the integrity.
  • Tracking the signing process.
  • Doc Cloud is a tool that converts a non-PDF file into an appropriate format.
  • A top-quality program to work with data

Service provider guarantees

  1. Ensuring safety for all types of data in the Box technology environment
  2. Document Cloud compliance with international standards regarding information security and product quality for business
  3. Monitoring and tracking options to facilitate work and transactions

Paperwork is an integral part of any industry. The Box and Adobe integration give you more capabilities to do office activities and cooperate. recommends Top VDR providers
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