Brainloop Customer Key Store – Is it really worth attention?

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Each year thousands of companies around the world despite their sizes suffer from data leaks that cost them a lot of money and effort. That’s why lots of businesses use data rooms.

Each virtual data room provider does its best to safeguard the information of its customers. Usually, you’ll be able to use multi-factor authentication to protect your storage from unauthorized access, and you will see that a data room is protected by encryption along with a list of other security measures. Yet, some vendors offer additional unique solutions, and Brainloop is one of them.

This provider offers a feature called Customer Key Store. It adds another layer of protection giving you full control over users that can access the repository with corporate documents. A Customer Key Store allows entrepreneurs to watch over the essential parts of the Brainloop cryptographic key chain. That sounds quite impressive, but let’s figure out the details.

A customer key is basically a cryptographic code — a file that can give a user access to the data room. It works just like the physical key but in a virtual environment. If data registered in the key file suits the data your virtual data room has, you’ll gain access to the repository. Such a key is stored on the user’s device, and even Brainloop can’t have access to it.

It’s debatable whether a customer key is a good idea. On the one hand, it does add a layer of security eliminating the chances for hackers to get into the data room even if they know the login details. But on the other hand, if a user shares this key with someone, or a malefactor hacks the device and steals the file, the safety of your VDR is jeopardized.

However, you can simply remove the stolen key using the Customer Key Store if it’s not too late. Still, if you decide to use this feature, educate your employees about the cyber safety rules so that their keys don’t appear in malicious hands. recommends Top VDR providers
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