Caplinked data room review

Caplinked Data Room

Caplinked data room review
Caplinked Data Room

Intro to CapLinked

Caplinked is a lesser-known data room provider that, nevertheless, offers a proper data room. It’s quick and easy to install, offers rapid upload speeds, and is compatible with mobile devices.

Caplinked is perfect for managing complex deals as it supports all Microsoft Office files, PDFs, images, and videos — users can upload all files through their browser.

To improve the communication between parties, Caplinked offers a workflow solution with instant messaging, alerts, and updates to keep everyone aware of changes, including a convenient Q&A section. 

CapLinked virtual data room overview

CapLinked was founded in 2010 and is a secure cloud-based workspace developed in the United States. Many companies in over 113 countries worldwide trust the companies’ enterprise and API product lines. This workflow solution can be used for customers in various industries, including the oil and gas sector.

This secure platform’s design facilitates many complex deals, including raising capital, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, asset sales, and investor reporting. Users can also efficiently manage  tax records for  their business or non-profit organization. 

CapLinked offers tools to simplify the deal process and  secure document sharing and storage. There are also an activity tracker, a messaging platform, and other tools to enhance any organization’s operation.

CapLinked key features

CapLinked virtual data room intelligent tools are easy-to-use and provide maximum support during file sharing.

  • Dashboard. The central hub for all activity is accessible from any device, including mobile. It also delivers access to workspaces and allows users to view recent activity, monitor their notifications feed, and manage messages through the user-friendly interface.
  • Workspaces. The software provides a secure space for document sharing with buyers and brokers, managing M&A transactions, capital raising, due diligence projects, etc. Setup can take less than 10 minutes, and file upload speeds are unbelievably quick.
  • Document control and management. Using the powerful uploaders can transmit hundreds of documents directly from the web quickly. Also, users see an activity feed when logging into the data room to stay abreast of project actions.
  • Collaboration. Users can collaborate with teammates and external parties simply by using the intuitive document editing and communication tools. Store, edit, and correspond on documents on the platform without having to download countless files. 

Integration opportunities

If users experience issues with a CapLinked data room, a support team is always ready to help. Also, the provider offers customized team training to get the most out of this service. The software easily integrates with Google Drive, Salesforce, Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox, and Box.

Getting started with CapLinked

CapLinked provides users with a secure collaboration tool, which can be easily set up for any upcoming deals like mergers and acquisitions or various other types of transactions. The software has an intuitive interface, allowing users to get used to the software quickly without the need to spend hours training.

CapLinked pricing for business

The provider offers two different pricing structures — Team Plan and Enterprise. Potential subscribers can take advantage of the free trial before committing. 

Team Plan

The Team Plan includes 5GB of protected data storage, 10 admins, an unlimited number of guests, custom watermarking, and digital rights management.


A subscription to the Enterprise plan gets users an unlimited amount of protected data storage, priority email and phone support, API access integration, SAML-based single sign-on, access whitelisting, and more.

Reasons to choose Caplinked

The main advantages of using a VDR for managing complex deals as well as business tax records or any other documents. 

The provider offers a workspace for active and secure collaboration, where multiple users can work together on a document and share insights in real-time. Admins can also create a digital transformation framework that will elevate their organization to new heights.

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June 29, 2022

  1. Kevin L. CFO
    Review date:June 29, 2022
    Investment Banking
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    CapLinked allows for granular controls over content sharing, with the ability to limit access and visibility in a very flexible way. However, we faced some challenges with drag-and-drop nested folders and certain filenames when adding files in bulk to the secure site.

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