sharevault virtual data room comparison

ShareVault Data Room Review

sharevault virtual data room comparison
ShareVault Data Room Review

Intro to the Sharevault? 

ShareVault is a technology company that has existed since 2003, when it was founded with the name Pandesa Corporation. Pandesa created two other document-sharing products before launching the ShareVault virtual data room in 2006. This product was so successful that four years later the company took its name, becoming ShareVault. 

ShareVault is headquartered in Los Gatos, California.

Overview of the Sharevault

The ShareVault virtual data room is a platform designed to help companies share confidential documents and sensitive data in a secure and efficient way.

How can ShareVault help me?

If your company is conducting due diligence, or any other vital business processes that involve sharing sensitive documents with external parties, ShareVault data rooms will:

  • Help you prevent data leaks
  • Reduce the time you spend organizing documents 
  • Make it faster for you to share sensitive documents with other parties
  • Help you understand what your prospects and investors are interested in

What companies are using the ShareVault data room?

ShareVault virtual data rooms are used by companies from all industries. However, they are particularly favored by companies working with:

  • Energy
  • Life sciences
  • Investment banking
  • Private equity and venture capital

What are the most important ShareVault features?

Document control features

Granular user permissions

Data room users with administrator permissions can decide in detail what data other users are allowed to access. They can create user groups, or grant customized access permissions to individual users. 

Permissions range from “view-only” to “save as .pdf and print” — with several others in-between.

Remote shredding

Admins can revoke a user’s access to a document even after the user has downloaded the document to their device.

Dynamic watermarks

Admins can add automatic watermarks to specific documents a user opens. The watermark is customized with the user’s personal info — which strongly discourages the user from sharing those documents outside the data room.

Setup and organization features

Bulk upload

Admins can upload large volumes of files — and different file types — onto the data room with just a few clicks.

Hierarchical tags

Admins can organize files as if in folders, but with added flexibility, since the same file can be listed under more than one tag.

Full-text search

Admins and users can search for keywords in the entire virtual data room. It’s also possible to search for word families, and to search for words in non-Roman alphabets.

Activity analytics features

Interactive reporting

Admins can know the exact time and duration of user logins and activity — including how long each user spent viewing specific document pages. This helps them gauge bidders’ and prospects’ interest in a deal.

Heat map

Admins can view a coloured map of the data room contents, seeing at a glance which users are most active, and what files they are interacting with.

User experience features

Inter-document hyperlinking

Admins can add links leading from one document to another, so that the reader can easily check related points in various documents. If the hyperlinks already exist before the admin uploads the files onto the data room, they will not be lost — the ShareVault software scans files for pre-existing hyperlinks, replacing them with new hyperlinks that function within the data room.


Admins can create workflows for questions and answers, so that it’s easy for them to forward users’ questions to the team members who have the expertise to answer them. Questions and answers can also be made public, in order to save experts the time and effort of clarifying the same point multiple times.

Secure batch download

Users can download large numbers of files, which makes it easier for them to review file contents. However, the admin keeps control of the data at all times, since they can easily erase the files from the user’s device using the remote shredding tool.

What integrations do ShareVault data rooms support?

Integrations with other software are available in the ShareVault Pro and ShareVault Enterprise plans. ShareVault VDRs integrate with:

  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • DropBox
  • DocuSign

For Single Sign-On, ShareVault offers integration with Okta, Azure AD, Google Cloud Identity, and any other SAML2-compatible identity provider

How to start work with ShareVault for secure document sharing?

If you think ShareVault virtual data rooms are the right solution for your business when sharing confidential documents — for instance, during due diligence — the first thing you should do is sign up for a free trial of this service.

When you sign up for the free trial, you will get personalized assistance in setting up your virtual data room. You can then start uploading documents, creating and renaming folders and files, and setting user permissions. 

During your free trial, remember to get other people in your team to test this software too, since using a virtual data room is all about making life easierr for everyone involved in the data-sharing process.

After getting to know all functionalities of your VDR during your 7-day free trial, you will be in the right position to judge whether ShareVault is the best provider for your company.

How much does the ShareVault virtual data room software cost?

The ShareVault website does not disclose whether this provider’s pricing system is based on how many users a plan includes, on data storage limits, on the number of pages allowed, or whether it’s a flat-rate or a mixed system. Neither does it tell prospects whether it offers a plan with unlimited users.

However, ShareVault does present three plans on their website: ShareVault Express, ShareVault Pro, and ShareVault Enterprise. On the company’s website, there is a detailed table explaining exactly what features are included in each plan.

ShareVault pros

  • Ease of use. According to user reviews, the ShareVault data room has a user-friendly interface.
  • Efficient customer support. Users report that they can easily get efficient help when troubleshooting data room issues.
  • Useful features. ShareVault users say group permissions and analytics features are particularly helpful.

ShareVault cons

  • Overwhelming UX. Some users say that at first this platform can be overwhelming, due to the number of features available.
  • File management complexities. A few ShareVault users find it difficult to tag and locate files within the platform.

Why should I choose ShareVault?

Here are the main advantages of using ShareVault over physical data rooms, e-mail, messaging, and non-secure file-sharing platforms:

  • Your confidential data will be secure.
  • You will spend considerably less time sorting out documents and mailing them around.
  • You will have greater insight into buyers’, prospects’ and bidders’ interests.
  • All stakeholders will spend less time reviewing documents.
  • Due diligence and other processes will be carried out much faster.
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