5 Reasons You Should Use Enterprise File Sharing Solutions

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Each company has to enable data access to their workers for them to fulfill their duties. The digital age has made that easier than ever. 

Software companies like Citrix became aware that the usual file sharing services won’t be enough to support sensitive data transfer. They wanted to create something that they could incorporate into the already established corporate structures. Therefore they invented enterprise file sharing solutions.

There are a couple of reasons why you might consider using them.

1. Control and security 

The data stored in virtual drives provides the user with extensive control. The user can give and revoke access to data, they can oversee changes made to a file, and investigate who viewed the file, and pinpoint when a file was modified. The documents are shielded by special security protocols provided by the software company.

As Patrick Flesch wrote in his article about file-sharing platforms: “Cloud access to digital files, correspondence, workflows and other work-related functions needs to be easy, intuitive, reliable and, most importantly, secure.”

The combination of the permission settings and the protection supplied by the software designer creates an almost impenetrable safe space for your files. Those are sensitive documents, which need to be viewed by designated personnel to enable cooperation. 

2. Cooperation

The aspects of control and security lead to safe cooperation. If the workers can access important documents from any place in the world, it enhances the company’s functionality. This has been a focus for many companies during the pandemic, as they were made aware that the conventional data sharing services have their shortcomings. 
As files can be accessed and edited from anywhere in the world, the employees have a better understanding of the processes taking place. They know what to alter and what the current needs of the company are. File sharing and collaboration seem effortless. Through this software, they can change the course of their action in a matter of moments. If they were using conventional ways of file sharing, the data could be misplaced or lost in a worst-case scenario.

3. Data loss prevention

In corporate file sharing solutions, sensitive data won’t be lost due to special fail-safes established by the software company. You won’t have to worry about the security of documents, as designated structures take care of that for you. 

Without thinking about the security of your sensitive data, you have more time to integrate the file-sharing system into your company. 

4. Simplification and integration

Thanks to the newest technologies, you won’t have to rely on your IT team to share files with various people. The interface of those enterprise file sharing solutions is user-friendly and enables swift action. This results in an effortless integration into the structures of the company, as it can be operated without the need for help from a software specialist.

When it comes to sensitive data sharing, we all want it to be as secure as possible.  We would also like to have control over who sees what. Corporate file sharing solutions enable us to monitor the workflow and see where the cooperation effort is taking place. Besides, they are easy to use and can be integrated into almost any corporate structure.

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