clincked review and comparison

Clinked Virtual Data Room

clincked review and comparison
Clinked Virtual Data Room

Intro to Clinked

Clinked is a British corporate software developer established in 2009 and headquartered in Cambridge. 

Clinked delivers an all-in-one business platform that combines the features of a virtual data room, a client portal, and a meeting tool.

This company serves small businesses, mid-sized companies, and enterprises worldwide in the financial, legal, investment, public, and insurance sectors.

Clinked data room overview

The Clinked data room provides comprehensive features to share files, close business deals, collaborate, hold remote meetings, conduct due diligence, sign documents, and more.

It will suit demanding corporate processes such as company transactions, initial public offerings, seed fundraising, bankruptcy and restructuring, etc.

Beyond that, Clinked is an excellent place to manage workflows and board communications regardless of the business size.

“We love how connected everything is, we have one place to manage our projects in a secure way,” says Roxana M., a Head of Marketing at (Source: Capterra).

Clinked data room key features

The Clinked virtual data room has the following capabilities.

Secure file sharing and document management tools

Clinked VDR offers industry-leading file sharing and content management capabilities:

  • Bulk upload. You can upload unlimited files to the data room at once from your device, email, and Google Drive. Clinked supports files up to 5 GB each and offers a minimum of 100 GB of storage.
  • File viewer. Preview files in the dedicated web viewer before downloading. Clinked opens PDFs, Microsoft Suite, text, video, and image file formats. 
  • VDR search. Search for files, folders, and specific content pieces within documents using keywords and filters. You can apply the following filters: name, size, date modified, approvals, and summaries.
  • Content management. Group files using filters, create new folders and subfolders, and upload directories from your device or Google Drive. You can copy, delete, move, edit, share, reorder, and lock files and folders in the data room.

Collaboration tools

Clinked VDR has the following collaboration capabilities:

  • Configurable widgets. You can display critical information on the data room’s homepage. Clinked widgets display discussions, welcome notes, tasks, recent files, folders, and other data sets.
  • Integrated group chat. Contact VDR members via an instant chat. The system preserves the chat history, allowing you to catch up on valuable discussions.
  • Tasks. Assign tasks to VDR members and track their performance thanks to reminders and notifications. Configure task properties, including the due date, collaborators, priority, status, attachments, etc.
  • Discussions. Create discussions, add participants, attachments, tags, comments, and mentions. Announce valuable updates using microblogging functionalities.
  • Workspace events. You can schedule events in a shared calendar. Assign attendees and track event activities.

User management tools

Clinked offers comprehensive features to keep tabs on your projects, control who does what, and receive timely updates on user activity:

  • User permissions. Assign data room administrators and configure user roles, such as administrators, contributors, and members. Apply permissions to selected users and groups within files, folders, discussions, events, and more.  
  • Content permissions. Control whether individual files and folders can be viewed, downloaded, edited, and shared upon upload. You can apply content permissions to subfolders automatically and revoke access to downloaded files.
  • Watermarks. Apply customizable watermarks to selected non-administrative user groups. Clinked watermarks contain the following data: user name, IP address, email address, and date.
  • Temporary members. You can add members with limited access to the data room. Define their roles (administrators, contributors, members) and enable customizable access expiry.
  • Version control and audit trail. The system records document versions and user activity, including logins, edits, downloads, uploads, comments, discussions, etc. You can generate CSV reports on user activity within a given time frame.

Clinked integration opportunities

The Clinked data room integrates with several collaboration tools that vastly expand its capabilities, making it an all-in-one business workspace. You can connect Clinked to the following apps without technical skills:

  1. DocuSign and Adobe Sign
  2. Single sign-on (SSO) via LinkedIn, Google, and SAML Active Directory
  3. Zapier
  4. Integrately
  5. Google apps
  6. JotForm
  7. DropBox
  8. Zoom
  9. GoTo Meeting

Developers can connect the data room to other applications using API integration capabilities.

How to start work with Clinked virtual data rooms?

You can start using Clinked by subscribing to one of its membership packages. You can buy the subscription or book a short video demonstration of Clinked features.

Clinked also provides a 10-day free trial that includes up to 5 TB of data storage space, unlimited users, and all collaboration tools.

Additionally, you can accelerate onboarding processes thanks to Clinked’s learning resources, including webinars, how-to guides, technical documentation, etc. 

Clinked pricing plans

Clinked offers four pricing plans, from Lite to Enterprise, suitable for startups and key industry players alike.

The company charges a flat fee monthly, annually, and biennially. You will save up to 35% of your subscription cost by paying every two years. 

Reasons to choose the Clinked virtual data room

Based on Capterra, GetApp, and G2 reviews, Clinked offers several advantages alongside rich collaboration capabilities:

  1. Helpful team. Customers find Clinked customer support department responsive and available 24/7. 
  2. Clean interface. Clinked features a user-friendly one-page dashboard that most users get accustomed to without trouble.
  3. White-label portal. Many companies can rebrand this data room in a few minutes thanks to its flexible appearance customization options.
  4. Top-notch security. Clients rely on Clinked due to two-factor authentication, 256-bit data encryption at rest and transit, and regular penetration tests.
  5. Mobile app. Attorneys, managers, and other professionals love using the VDR on mobile devices thanks to Android and iOS applications. 
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Best Alternatives:
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