What happens to Ansarada as it’s acquired by TDY?

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Ansarada and TDY acqusition
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Ansarada data room is one of the most popular and widely-used tools for document maintenance and collaboration during deals and on an everyday basis. This summer, we discovered that Ansarada is getting ready for its own IPO and, consequently, a mergers and acquisition process. In August, this data room provider agreed to have a deal with thedocyard Limited. During this deal, TDY acquired 100% of Ansarada NewCo Pty Ltd.

But what does this mean for customers of Ansarada virtual data room and those who were planning to adopt this software? Well, quite likely, clients won’t even notice any changes. In fact, the data room will become even more advanced.

What are the goals of Ansarada and TDY?

Of course, the main purpose of this acquisition would be the growth and development of both companies. Just like Ansarada, thedocyard is a virtual data room that’s focused on simplifying the deals for businesses. Both companies plan to form a more advanced and perhaps even a leading SaaS company that specialized in the deal and information governance technologies.

This deal is planned to combine the differentiated transaction workflow managed platform of thedocyard and its Athena virtual board portal with the Ansarada’s well-known and widely-appreciated virtual data room and pathways platforms. Companies expect to cross-sell the products of TDY to Ansarada’s customers that counts more than 2,6 thousand customers around the world.

The leader of thedocyard, Stuart Clout, believes that the combination of the TDY’s workflow, deal, and board maintenance tools with the trusted brand and high position in the VDR market of Ansarada will lead them to becoming a global force in the information governance tech market. Stuart claims that this deal is good news for everyone — from TDY’s shareholders and customers to its employees. The founder and CEO of Ansarada also believes that this merger will create an unprecedentedly powerful SaaS platform that will allow companies to position themselves better during deals.

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