What is Diligent?

Diligent Corporation is a leader in providing services to:

●       government agencies,

●       boards of directors,

●       non-profit enterprises.

brainloop and diligent big

26 years of experience. The company’s headquarters in New York, USA. Their product, namely the solution for the safe cooperation of directors, is in great demand in more than ninety countries of the world. With the support of Diligent, directors gain confidence in the future and always choose the correct approach to business.

What is Brainloop?

Brainloop is not a less successful provider in the virtual data room market. Software-as-a-service that keeps data safe both within the platform and outside, 20 years of experience. The company’s headquarters in Munich, Germany. Users choose this product to avoid threats related to confidential documents. Reliable and stable protection is a must when entering into M&A transactions, due diligence, etc. This advantage is of high importance to customers all over Europe.


Diligent Corporation has announced the acquisition of Brainloop. It means that two dedicated and customer-friendly teams have made a profitable deal for users. The provider continues to serve, making use of unlimited acquirer’s high-quality resources. Moreover, keeping data in super-secure processing centers. Diligence, in turn, is expanding into Europe.

How do current and potential clients benefit?

●       Governance Cloud for directors as a management enhancement tool helps to meet board standards. The fulfillment of duties and tasks takes place under the control of a digitalized environment. That guarantees good results in the final.

●       Virtual Workspaces are an impenetrable shield for sensitive data. Paperwork tools and collaboration features make it easier to work and close deals.

As a result

The alliance between Diligent and Brainloop purpose is to offer even better service delivery. Consequently, meet any software user needs. The combined efforts of two powerful teams will make each client a high-class director.

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