Almost every virtual data room provider will mention integration as it describes its software. But what is it and why you should choose the vendor that can integrate with as many tools as possible?

Sharevault integration functions

The main reason why it’s important to have an opportunity to integrate the data room with other programs is that businesses use a plethora of various instruments to improve the workflow and keep things under control. And as technologies evolve, the number of these tools grows exponentially. While each app separately does help teams improve their productivity, it’s easy to get lost amid the variety of tools business is using.

The answer to this issue is integration. This technology allows users to connect and synchronize the instruments they’re using. For example, once you connect some task management systems to your Google Calendar, you will see that all your deadlines appear in your calendar along with other reminders and tasks you’ve already had.

As you can see, integration is not just handy, it’s vital for creating a streamlined workflow. That’s why advanced data room providers offer such a feature. Although, most of them still have a limited number of options. When it comes to integration, Sharevault stands out with its simple connectors and numerous ways to connect other tools. And as Sharevault reviews suggest, this data room is in fact easy to integrate.

Integration options Sharevault offers

Since this provider is considered to be the most connected data room, we will learn about integration options on its example.

Sharevault offers ready-to-use connectors for Box, Docusign, Dropbox, and Office 365 as well as SharePoint. Additionally, users can utilize the Single Sign-On feature to integrate Sharevault with the identity of another solution. Then users will be able to access this data room without the need for additional authentication.

Moreover, there are APIs that allow clients to create custom connectors for Sharevault. Using APIs, it’s easy to integrate a data room in an already existing workflow. Finally, this vendor offers embeddable widgets that can be placed within another web application.

You should remember that you must make sure the apps you’re connecting your data room to are perfectly secure so that they don’t create a data leak.

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