Datasite has recently signed a contract. According to it, the funds managed by CapVest acquire Datasite.

capvest aquires datasite big

This virtual data room provider is a leader in the field of information services. Especially in support of mergers and acquisitions. Headquarters in Minneapolis, America. The company employs about eight hundred professionals in thirteen countries around the world. The Datasite team has made an incredible leap forward over the past few years. It is difficult to count the number of customers, but we know that the provider serves users in 180 countries.

CapVest is a European company that specializes in private equity investments. The organization aims to transform promising companies in the provision of both services and goods. This investor has already proven itself in terms of attractive returns. The secret to success is:

  • close cooperation with portfolio company managers,
  • internally-generated sales of a business,
  • and acquisition-driven growth.

This deal between CapVest and Datasite is a milestone for the latter one. According to the IT company key executives, it will strengthen the position of the SaaS as a platform for mergers and acquisitions. Datasite has strong capabilities, professionals, and high-end technology. As we know, there are no boundaries to perfection. That is why CapVest is a strategic partner with a wealth of experience for the provider. This acquisition is likely to be the next growth stage for the portfolio company. Realizing potential under the supervision of seasoned experts will be an exciting experience.

The investment company partners appreciated the SaaS quality and leadership in the market. The team is going to do everything possible to create even more tools for the virtual data room customers.

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